What would you do with £10,000? *

Introducing the the Isle of Man Quanta Prize Draw. The first fully-licensed Blockchain Lottery, with a new chance to win every week.

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Blockchain diagram

Blockchain is the technology behind all kinds of digital currencies, independently verified across the world to ensure your money is protected.

Safe. Secure. Tamperproof.

Quanta Lottery uses a digital currency called Ethereum, and you'll need your own Ethereum wallet for your chance to win the equivalent of GBP £10,000 in Ethereum.

If you've already got an Ethereum wallet, you're good to go. Don't have an Ethereum wallet yet? No biggie! You will need to establish a ‘trading account’ with a crypto exchange and deposit funds to buy Ethereum. There are many exchanges available on the internet and unfortunately we cannot recommend any to you, carefully select one that suits your needs. Just follow the below steps to get started.

Visit www.myquanta.im/download and download and install their mobile or desktop app, whichever you prefer.

Download Quanta game wallet

Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, and create a new wallet.

Click 'Assets' and then 'Ethereum', and in the next screen click the 'receive' button. Under 'Your address', you'll see a random jumble of numbers and letters. This is your personal Ethereum address and will be used to register for the Quanta Prize Draw. Click the copy icon whilst you're here to save it; you probably won't remember it off by heart.

Now visit www.myquanta.im and click 'register' in the top right corner to create a username and password and enter your email address.

Success! Just wait for the confirmation email and click the link enclosed to complete your registration, where you'll be asked for your Ethereum address.
Get ready to play!

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